About Us

Statement Stitches was created during the lockdown of 2020 after a number of years pondering the idea. I have always been interested in fashion and design and studied these subjects for a number of years before having children. That created a wonderful new direction for me to take as a full time Mum. As grateful as I am for that opportunity, I now feel that it is my time to do something that reignites those buried passions.

At Statement Stitches you will find both fashion and homewear that has been created with love, an eye for detail and that you will not find anywhere else.  As someone that has always struggled to find the things that I want to wear or have in the house, I think that it is important to help others to create items that help them to express who they really are. With that in mind, I am always open to new ideas or one off requests. Use the contact us page to get in touch or do so through the Statement Stitches social media pages.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out and I hope that you find something here that you could see yourself falling in love with.

Taz x